The International Minor for Engineers addresses a core set of skills and experiences that will prepare CoE graduates for the challenges of the global engineering profession:

  • Basic proficiency in a language other than English
  • Understanding of non-U.S. cultures and societies
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Knowledge of global trends in engineering and business
  • Practical experience working/studying overseas and navigating a new cultural setting


Foreign Language Requirement
In total, four semesters of college-level language will be required for the International Minor. This level of study will equip students with the basic linguistic structures and conversational skills needed to function in a foreign language. This language foundation will also facilitate cross-cultural thinking, help students develop new communication strategies, and complement the international sequence and overseas components of the Minor.

International Coursework Requirement
The proposed international sequence builds on the current CoE sequence requirement. Students will elect two courses from the same LSA department that focus on non-.U.S. cultures or societies. One of these sequence courses must be listed at the 300-level or above. In addition, students will take a third course that offers a comparative or global perspective in business, the humanities or the social sciences.
International Engineering Seminar
The International Engineering Seminar will address the need for intercultural awareness and communication strategies among our engineering students. This one-credit seminar will include training modules such as the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and strategies for working in multinational teams. The intercultural component will be balanced by a series of guest presentations on global trends in engineering and business. Examples include global outsourcing and off-shoring, engineering in developing countries, and Alumni perspectives on international engineering careers.
Required International Experience
The International Minor will require that students gain international experience before they graduate. This experience should provide opportunities to develop at least two of the International Minor's core skills and should span a minimum of six weeks outside the U.S. Students may satisfy this requirement through study, work, research, or organized volunteer work abroad. Both credit and non-credit options may be accepted. All international experiences must be evaluated by the Faculty Advisor and the International Programs in Engineering office according to the International Minor criteria listed above. International students may not satisfy this requirement through programs in their home countries.


In total, the minor would require 16-20 credits to complete. This assumes that students will meet a two-semester (or equivalent) foreign language pre-requisite before declaring the minor.